WILD 240 - Introduction to Biostatistics - Honors

Intro to Biostatistics provides an entry-level statistics class for wildlife biology undergraduates in the Davidson Honors College. Taught autumn semester in odd-numbered years.

WILD 470 - Conservation of Wildlife Populations

Conservation of Wildlife Populations explores the application of population ecology principles and theory to the conservation and management of wildlife populations. Taught spring semester annually.

Example syllabus (pdf)

WILD 571 - Estimation of Demographic Parameters

Estimation of Demographic Parameters examines the theory and application of survival and abundance estimation. Statistical methods focus largely on applications with marked animals. Taught autumn semester in even years.

Example syllabus (pdf)

WILD 595 - Integrated Population Modeling

Integrated Population Modeling examines methods for bringing multiple data sources together for improved inference in population dynamics. The course focuses largely on Bayesian state-space methods. Taught autumn semester of odd-numbered years.

WILD 542 - Statistical Applications in Wildlife Biology

This class explores statistical problems encountered by wildlife biology and ecology graduate students. Students bring statistical problems of interest to class where, as a group, we explore analysis options, assumptions, pitfalls and alternative solutions. Taught autumn semester of odd-numbered years.