Ecological restoration courses in the College of Forestry and Conservation

NRSM265 Elements of Ecological Restoration (Autumn)

This three-credit interdisciplinary undergraduate course provides an overview of the natural and social science elements of ecological restoration, including the ecological foundations of restoration, restoration goals and practices in terrestrial and aquatic habitats, philosophical and ethical challenges involved, and current restoration initiatives in Montana and the United States. Saturday field trips are required.

NRSM365 Foundations of Restoration Ecology (Spring)

This three-credit advanced ecology course covers the primary ecological theories that inform the practice of ecological restoration. Topics covered include the dynamic nature of ecological systems, plant-soil bioregulation, food web dynamics, population dynamics and metapopulation theory, and statistical issues and study design.

NRSM444 Ecological Restoration Capstone (Spring)

This five-credit service learning course covers the nuts and bolts of planning, implementing, and monitoring restoration projects on terrestrial sites and in aquatic systems. Students develop a restoration or monitoring plan for a local management agency or organization.

NRSM495 Ecological Restoration Practicum (Autumn, Spring, and Summer)

The goal of this variable-credit hands-on practicum is for students to gain real-world experience in the practice of ecological restoration. Students will design and implement aspects of a restoration plan for a CFC-maintained property (e.g. Lubrecht, Bandy Ranch), private entity, nonprofit group, management agency or other sponsor. Prior to registering for the practicum, students must have a faculty-approved practicum proposal, developed in collaboration with a potential sponsor (ideally this will be done within the context of FOR444 Integrative Ecological Restoration). Students will only be able to register after faculty approval of the proposal.

NRSM494 Seminar in Ecological Restoration (Spring)

This one-credit seminar provides a forum for students to share the results of restoration projects conducted through FOR445 Ecological Restoration Practicum. Each student will lead at least one seminar during the semester.

FOR565 Advanced Problems in Restoration Ecology (Autumn, offered intermittently)

This three-credit, student-driven, graduate research seminar explores current topics in the theory and practice of restoration. Students will develop and implement a collaborative research project related to a current problem in restoration ecology or ecological restoration.

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