Environment. Conservation. Sustainability.

The B.S. in Environmental Science and Sustainability (ESS) is highly interdisciplinary, with faculty who work across the physical, biological and social sciences. As a result, ESS coursework provides both depth and breadth. Students learn to integrate across disciplines and build bridges that effectively connect science to practice.

Our faculty are leading environmental scientists who study how both ecosystems and social systems work. ESS courses help students understand the world through science and build the skills to use science to advance sustainability. ESS students can specialize in ecosystem science and restoration, environmental policy and planning, climate science and environmental change, sustainable livelihoods and communities, or water resources, or use the highly flexible resource conservation option to work with a faculty advisor to design their emphasis. We provide a range of opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom through field labs and courses, internships, study abroad programs, capstone projects and undergraduate research. This kind of hands-on learning helps students prepare for jobs or graduate school.

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