Fire Sciences Minor

Prepare for a career in fire management

The Wildland Fire Sciences and Management program at the University of Montana is a unique academic program for students motivated to solve problems in wildland fire — and is Montana's only academic program in wildland fire. Explore fire's role on the land, manage fire in forests, restore ecosystems, and gain employable skills  while preparing for exciting and challenging careers.

You can earn a minor in Fire Sciences & Management or a bachelor's degree in Resource Conservation with a Fire Management area of study. Graduate students can specialize in fire in their master's or doctoral programs.

Advisors: Carl Seielstad and Phil Higuera

Check out photos from a recent field trip that the Basic & Applied Fire Ecology (FORS 333) class took to a forest that burned 10 years ago to study what happens after a wildfire.

Student in fire sciences minor at University of Montana.

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The Student Association of Fire Ecology and Management at the University of Montana

The UM Student Chapter of Fire Ecology and Management meets every other Thursday at 6 p.m. in Clapp 452. Send them an email to find out more about club activities.

The prescribed fire practicum at the University of Montana

The Prescribed Fire Practicum (FORS 495) is a three-credit class during wintersession - students spend three weeks restoring longleaf pine with prescribed fire.

The Fire Center at the University of Montana

The Fire Center innovates in fire science, builds tools for fire managers, and educates fire leaders. This research lab is based in the College of Forestry and Conservation.