Career Options

What careers can I get into with a B.S. in Forestry?

UM Forestry graduates can be found proudly displaying their “M-tree” logos from coast to coast in a variety of natural resource-related professions, from silviculturalists to ecologists, timber sale administrators to management foresters, timber cruisers to forest planners, logging contractors to district rangers. Our graduates work for a wide range of employers from state and federal agencies to private timber companies, non-profit conservation organizations to consulting firms, large multi-national corporations to self-employed entrepreneurs. A Forestry degree gives you both the field skills to hit the ground running in the woods with relaskop in-hand as well as the analytical and critical analysis skills to tackle complex management and planning tasks.

The Forestry degree meets federal Civil Service requirements for foresters. Other civil service series requirements can be met with the selection of appropriate electives. You should work with your advisor to develop a plan of study that best positions you for your desired career.

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