Parks, Tourism & Recreation Management

Help people connect with nature through tourism and recreation

Learn how to work with people to develop and manage recreation and tourism experiences while protecting natural resources. PTRM offers field-based learning opportunities through immersive internships, study abroad, and experiential education. You will develop skills and gain knowledge that helps connect people to place, manage park visitation, provide environmental interpretation, and integrate conservation sciences into recreation and tourism planning. You can choose to focus in one of three elective tracks: Recreation Resource Management, Nature-Based Tourism, or Outdoor Recreation Services.


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PTRM students can choose from one of two student clubs to meet fellow students, engage in service activities, and develop a professional network: the Student Recreation Association (open to all UM majors) and the Montana Recreation and Parks Association student chapter.

Watch a video about PTRM student Clinton - he'll tell you why he loves this program and UM!

All PTRM students complete a practicum in an approved parks, tourism, or recreation position. Bennett interned at Big Sky and wrote a trail maintenance plan, wrote grants for trail and park features, and taught at youth recreation summer camps.