Climate & Environmental Change

The Climate and Environmental Change (CEC) track offers a multidisciplinary study of climate change with a focus on ecosystems, natural resources, and human communities. The track provides students an opportunity to combine coursework in the Climate Change Studies minor with an emphasis in environmental change.  Students gain an understanding of climate science and earth system processes, with a focus on how climate interacts with particular ecosystems. In addition to natural resource ecology, coursework includes the social, political, and ethical dimensions.  Students also work on natural resource and climate issues through independent research or internships with local land management agencies or non-profit conservation organizations. Several field studies courses focusing on climate change in Montana and abroad are available to interested students.  The CEC track provides a solid foundation for students interested in working on climate and other types of environmental change through careers with federal, state, and local government agencies, a variety of NGOs, consulting companies, private businesses, and others.

Required Core Curriculum

In addition to specialized courses in the Climate and Environmental Change track, all students must complete the required core curriculum.  

Within the required core curriculum, students in the Climate and Environmental Change track should take NRSM 426 Climate and Society and NRSM 449 Climate, Ethics, and Policy.  

Degree Requirements

Suggested Course for the Climate & Environmental Change Track

The following courses are recommended for students emphasizing Climate and Environmental Change.  Students in the Climate and Environmental Change track are strongly advised to complete the Climate Change Studies minor.  Please note that the courses in bold are the most important courses for students in this track to take.  Many of these courses also count toward the Climate Change Studies minor.  

CCS 103X - Intro to Climate Change: Science & Society 3
NRSM 291 - Science of Climate Change 3
CCS 352 - Climate Change Field Studies 3
CCS 398 - Climate Change Internship 2-4
NRSM 408 - Global Cycles and Climate 3
NRSM 418 - Ecosystem Climatology 3
FORS 232 - Forest Insects & Disease 2
PSCI 324 - Sustainable Climate Policies: China & the USA 3
FORS 333 - Fire Ecology  FORS 230
GPHY 335 - Water Policy must be junior/senior 3
NRSM 385 - Watershed Hydrology 3
COMX 349 - Communication, Consumption & Climate 3
NRSM 379 - Collaboration in Natural Resource Decisions 3
NRSM 391 - Society, Economy & Environment/Mekong Delta 3
NRSM 395 - Climate Change Effects & Adaptation/Mekong Delta 3
NRSM 415 - Environmental Soil Science 3
ECNS 445 - Int'l Environmental Economics & Climate Change ECNS 111 3