Sustainable Livelihoods & Community Conservation

The Sustainable Livelihoods and Community Conservation track provides students with an understanding of key social and institutional processes involved in transitioning to sustainable economies from global to local levels. Suggested coursework and field-based learning opportunities address the intersections between environment and development, natural resource governance, and participatory approaches such as collaboration and community-based conservation. They encourage students to understand the multiple perspectives and politics involved in identifying and pursuing pathways to sustainability and to develop critical analytical skills. The track prepares students to be able to work in a variety of settings including government agencies, non-governmental organizations and with collaborative or community-based approaches; or continue into specialized graduate programs concerned with social institutions and governance in resource conservation.  

Required Core Curriculum

In addition to specialized courses in the Sustainable Livelihoods and Community Conservation track, all students must complete the required core curriculum.  

Degree Requirements

Suggested Courses for the Sustainable Livelihoods & Community Conservation Track

The following courses are recommended for students emphasizing Sustainable Livelihoods and Community Conservation. Please note that the courses in bold are the most important courses for students in this track to take.  

Take at least two of these five courses (All highly recommended)  PREREQUISITES CREDITS
NRSM 170 - International Environmental Change 3
NRSM 379 - Collaboration in Natural Resource Decisions 3
NRSM 424 - Community Forestry & Conservation 3
PTRM 451 - Tourism & Sustainability 3
NRSM 475 - Environment & Development 3
Other Suggested Courses
ENST 225 - Community & Environment 3
SOCI 270 - Introduction to Development Sociology 3
SOCI 470 - Environmental Sociology  3
ENST 480 - Food, Agriculture, & Environment 3
SOCI 220S - Race, Gender, & Class 3
GPHY 323S - Economic Geography of Rural Areas 3
SOCI 350 - The Community 3
SOCI 471 - Gender & Global Development 3
COMM 347 - Rhetoric, Nature & Environmentalism 3
PHL 422 - Environmental Philosophy PHL 112 or PHL 311 3
GPHY 432 - The Human Role in Environmental Change 3
ECNS 433 - Economics of the Environment ECNS 201, ECNS 202 3
SOCI 443 - Sociology of Poverty 3
GPHY 468 - Community & Regional Analysis 3
ENST 489S - Environmental Justice Issues & Solutions 3

Landscape & Livelihood

Students in this track are strongly encouraged to consider enrolling in the semester-long, 15-credit field program Landscape and Livelihood offered by Northwest Connections, a community-based conservation and education center located in the Swan Valley, Montana.