Resource Conservation Internships

Resource Conservation internships provide meaningful experience and interaction with professionals while improving student qualifications for employment. Resource Conservation students intern with a wide range of organizations to build professional skills and knowledge relevant to their area of interest.

Students can earn 1.0 to 6.0 internship credits for Student-Initiated Internships (i.e., summer jobs) or through Degree Coordinated Internships (i.e., “in-semester” internships) – see below. To qualify for credit, internships must provide clear leaning objectives, usually through substantial leadership or management responsibilities.

All Internships are reviewed, approved, and supervised by your Resource Conservation Faculty Advisor.

Internship Guidelines

Internship Approval Form

Student-Initiated Internships (summer jobs)

Many Resource Conservation students find employment in degree-related jobs during the summer, or sometimes during the semester. Students may earn credit for these positions if they provide clear learning objectives, usually through substantial leadership or management responsibilities. Not all summer jobs qualify for internship credit.

Degree Coordinated Internships (“in-semester” internships)

Resource Conservation Students may also earn internship credit by completing an “in-semester” internship during the Spring semester. These internships are developed by students in partnership with their Faculty Advisor and prospective employers in or close to Missoula. Positions are generally unpaid, but allow students to develop a tailored experience and build their professional network. Students should plan to keep a half or full day open in their semester schedule to allow for travel to and hours working their internship.