Why choose Ecosystem Science & Restoration?

This exciting program spans ecology from microbial to global scales and includes basic and applied science. As an ESR major, you can focus on either aquatic or terrestrial ecosystems and tailor your experience to best fit your interests and career path. In the minor, you can add expertise in ecology to complement a major in another field, enhancing your breadth of knowledge of the world around you.

ESR at the University of Montana

University of Montana main hall The University of Montana is an outstanding location to study ecosystem science and restoration. Our surrounding forests, grasslands, and aquatic ecosystems are some of the most pristine in the world, while many areas are also degraded or altered by biological invasions or years of natural resource extraction and fire exclusion. These ecosystems are exceptional outdoor laboratories, where you can learn how ecosystems work, and apply your knowledge to ecological restoration locally. Our faculty are active scientists, providing opportunities to engage in research locally, nationally, and internationally. In fact, UM ranks in the top 15 schools in North America for faculty member's scholarly contributions to the ecological sciences.