Career Options

A degree in Ecosystem Science & Restoration (ESR) prepares students to tackle the complex challenges associated with ecosystem science research, evaluate environmental impacts, and repair degraded forests, grasslands, and rivers. Students who graduate with a B.S. in ESR will be qualified for graduate school in the biological sciences and for jobs in restoration.

There is a growing need for individuals in the workforce to tackle the complex challenges associated with understanding ecosystems across scales and repairing degraded ecosystem in both the private and public sector. For example, nongovernmental organizations, private consulting and industry, government agencies all hire ecologists as a Research Assistant, Programmatic Scientist, Environmentalist/Natural Resource Manager, Field Ecologist, Forester, Range Technician, Naturalist, Environmental Analyst, Environmental Consultant, and Teacher. With careful selection of courses, a student can also meet requirements for job as a botanist or hydrologist. In recent years, there has been tremendous job growth in all areas of ecological restoration.