Information for Current Sudents

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Univeristy of Montana's Wildlife Biology Graduate Program!  The following information will help you orient to the college and our graduate program.

Policies and Procedures for Wildlife Biology Graduate Students (pdf)

Structure of the Wildlife Biology Program 

The Wildlife Biology Program is a joint program between three units:

Each faculty member is associated with one of these units.  As a graduate student, you are associated with the department to which your committee chair belongs. 

Wildlife Biology Graduate Student Committee Report Form

The Wildlife Biology Graduate Student Committee Report form is used by students and their graduate committees to document progress toward meeting graduate degree requirements as specified in the document titled “Policies and Procedures for Wildlife Biology graduate students”.  For example, each time a student completes one of the specified degree requirements, the student’s graduate committee should sign off on the Wildlife Biology Graduate Student Committee Report form and identify which action has been taken or which degree requirement has been met.   

Completed, signed forms and pertinent supporting materials (e.g., approved course schedule, approved study plan, etc) should be submitted to:  Wendy Maltonic, FCFC Student Records Administrator. 

Forms and pertinent documents will be scanned and uploaded to the student’s electronic graduate file.

Course Requirements and Deadlines

Chad Bishop or your faculty advisor can help you understand course requirements, committee appointments, deadlines and scholarships. 

Computer Accounts

All graduate students can login to UM computers using: 

Username: missoula\NetID
Password:  NetID password

Students can save files to Box - (unlimited storage)

For IT support please submit a support ticket by going to or by emailing  If your issue is urgent you can stop by Forestry 202 and our IT Office will be happy to help you.  Visit to find knowlege base articles and information about IT services and resources available to you.

Important announcements, course updates, deadlines, and other information are sent to graduate students via the WBIO grads distribution list, so please be sure to continue checking your university email account.

Calendar of Events

We have events (such as seminars, deadlines, special events and more) posted on the FCFC homepage. Please check often for new updates. 

To have your thesis defense posted on our calendar, please contact your Administrative Associate with the date, time and place.

Harassment Policy

We are committed to making this campus a comfortable, safe place for you to work and learn regardless of your gender, race, or sexual preference.  We are similarly committed to the well-being of all students and staff, including all the students you will teach as TA or work with as a scholar and researcher.  This requires that you know your rights, stand up for your rights and those of others, and remain sensitive and vigilant to see that no one's actions, including your own, interfere with the work of others.  If you are a TA, you are required to review the TA Harassment Policy.

The University policy outlines procedures for dealing with allegations of harassment through formal and informal channels at the University.  If a student, staff member or faculty member encounters such situations, s/he may approach the Department Chair or the University’s Title IX/EO officer (Jessica Weltman) for details on these procedures. The new policy requires that faculty, staff and those graduate students in teaching positions report to the Title IX office within 24 hours (x 5710) of a hearing of an incident from a student.


RefWorks is a web-based citation management tool that can help you manage and streamline your research.  This software is useful for managing citations for your thesis or dissertation.  It can create your own database to keep track of articles, import citation information into your database, and automatically generate a bibliography.  RefWorks is available for free to UM students, faculty and staff.  For more information or to set up your account, please visit the Mansfield Library.