Scholarships and Awards

The scholarship application is now open.  The deadline is February 18, 2020.

Graduate and undergraduate students interested in applying for any of the scholarships below will need to complete the UM General Application, after which you will be directed to complete the FCFC Conditional Application.  Please visit the FCFC Portal Scholarships page for the link to the application.

You can find information about the UM Scholarship Portal and helpful hints for completing your applicaiton by visiting FCFC Scholarships Additional Information page.

Please visit the University of Montana scholarships page for information about other scholarships available to UM students.

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Burchenal Leadership Scholarship

The Burchenal Leadership Scholarship provides support for undergraduate students majoring in wildlife biology with GPAs of 2.5 or higher. Recipients must demonstrate excellent communication skills, leadership qualities, and a strong work ethic.

Christian Bowers Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Christian’s parents for a returning undergraduate student majoring in wildlife biology in good academic standing and exhibiting financial need. Christian was to enroll in the Wildlife Biology program in the fall of 1997 but was struck by lightning before classes began.

Dan Pletscher Scholarship for Avian Science

This fund provides scholarship support for students with an interest in behavioral ecology who wish to pursue that interest with experiential learning, internships, or research. Preference shall be given to those with an interest in avian science and/or bioacoustics. A GPA of 3.0 or above is preferred. This award is made available to qualified undergraduate or graduate students within either the wildlife biology program or the organismal biology and ecology program (in the Division of Biological Sciences). The fund honors Dr. Dan Pletscher, who served as the Wildlife Biology Program Director for 19 years before retiring in 2013.

The Herman William Gabriel Scholarship

The purpose of the Herman William Gabriel Scholarship is to provide an annual award to a student studying wildlife biology. If the student continues in good academic standing, he or she will continue to receive the award until graduation. The scholarship was established by Herman William (Bill) Gabriel, forester, wildlifer, photographer, and writer. Bill earned his doctorate at the University of Montana studying the effects of forest fire history on big game habitat in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Jack and Kathy Thomas Endowed Graduate Scholarship

This fund will provide scholarships to University of Montana graduate students in the Wildlife Biology Program in good standing who have interest in combining biological with social aspects of wildlife conservation and who have excellent communications skills.

James C. Salinas Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by Vera Salinas to honor her late husband’s memory and commitment to conservation. It is awarded to a senior in Wildlife Biology who has demonstrated superior academic performance and has financial need.

Les Pengelly Scholarship

The Les Pengelly Scholarship was established in 1991 after Dr. Pengelly’s death at age 73 after a battle with cancer. Contributions from friends, family members, and associates established this endowed fund. Dr. Pengelly was extremely influential in resource management. An extension wildlife specialist from 1954-1963, he lectured throughout the state reminding wildlife biologists of their responsibilities. From 1963-84, he held a permanent faculty position in Wildlife Biology. He was president of the national Wildlife Society in 1978-79.  He also served as the first chair of the Environmental Studies program at UM. The scholarship is awarded to a junior or returning graduate student in Wildlife Biology demonstrating outstanding scholastic achievement and a strong land and conservation ethic and dedicated to transmitting knowledge concerning wildlife and wild areas to the public. Financial need is also considered secondarily.

Merlin Scholarships

The Fund will provide scholarships to University of Montana undergraduate students in the Wildlife Biology Program who have financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid or its equivalent in existence at the time of the award and who have demonstrated academic ability.

Mike Barker Scholarship

This fund provides support for undergraduate students majoring in wildlife biology with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and financial need (as determined by the Office of Financial Aid Need Analysis). Mike Barker graduated UM with a bachelor of science degree in wildlife biology in 1975.

The Peter C. Kotte Memorial Scholarship

The Peter C. Kotte Memorial Scholarship provides scholarships to University of Montana undergraduate students in the Wildlife Biology Program. Qualified students are those who have an excellent academic standing with a GPA of 3.2 or higher. Preference is for a non-traditional student who is also a veteran.

Peter C. Kotte was a Missoula, Montana native who proudly worked 16 years of his adult life for the U.S. Air Force. He was studying wildlife biology at the University of Montana in 2006 when a heart attack took away his dream of completing his degree. Peter was an active outdoorsman who loved fishing, hunting, and skiing.  He was most concerned for the safe conservation of deer and elk. While not a specific requirement, students with similar interests are encouraged to apply for this award. This fund was established by an anonymous donor who has held Peter in her heart for a lifetime.

Soka'piiwa Scholarship

This award supports undergraduate students majoring in wildlife biology. Soka'piiwa is a Blackfeet word which loosely translates to "it is good."

Thomas H. Leik, Sr.Wildlife Biology Scholarship

The Thomas H. Leik, Sr. Wildlife Biology Scholarship provides support to graduate or undergraduate students in good academic standing in the Wildlife Biology Program. It was established in memory of Thomas H. Leik, a fisheries biologist and wildlife statistician who worked for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (1960-67) and the Wyoming Fish & Game Department (in the 1950s).

W.A. Franke WBIO Graduate Fellowship

The W.A. Franke Endowed Graduate Fellowships in Wildlife Biology will provide competitive fellowship awards to graduate students enrolled in the Wildlife Biology Program. Awards shall be made based on academic merit. Fellows will be expected to participate in project management, budgeting, hiring, personnel management, mentoring, reporting, and research as determined by the Director of the Wildlife Biology Program. Fellows will work with a faculty advisor to develop a research project or field-based experience that will accomplish stated goals. Fellows will document the meaningful impacts and transformative nature of their experience to a larger audience. There is a separate application process for the W.A. Franke WBIO Graduate Fellowships. Application instructions will be communicated to enrolled WBIO graduate students in late January or early February each year.