2021 Graduate Seminar in Wildlife Biology - WILD 594

Location: This seminar will be offered remotely via Zoom.  A Zoom link will be sent out in the weekly seminar email.  Contact:  Time: Fridays from 1 to 2:50 p.m.


Presenter 1 - 1:50

Presenter 2 - 2:50

09/03 WBGSA Officers' Introduction
09/10 Chad Bishop - WBIO Welcome Patrick Donnelly, Intermountain West Joint Venture - Guest Speaker/Faculty Affiliate - "Connecting the Dots: Science for the Conservation of Waterbird Migration in Western North America"
09/17 Laurel Serieys, Panthera Small Cats Program - Guest Speaker - "Rat Poisons Drive Immunological and Genetic Change in an Urban Bobcat Population" WBIO Grad Students, Discussion - "Encouraging Grad Student Interaction"
09/24 1-3pm ( 2-hr seminar ): Axel Moehrenschlager, Calgary Zoo - Guest Speaker - "Move it or Lose it: Saving Endangered Species with Conservation Translocations in a Changing World”  
10/01 Steve Nadeau - Guest Speaker - “Journey of the Bitterroot Grizzly Bear - The Inside Story of a Grizzly Reintroduction Effort and Journey of a Remarkable Young Grizzly” Catherine Filardi, UM Writing and Public Speaking Center - Guest Speaker - “Writing in Grad School (And Beyond!): Strategies for Managing Your Writing Process”
10/08 Nick DeCesare, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks - Guest Speaker - 
"Getting to know the ghosts of moose past, present, and future"
10/15 Christopher Hansen - Ph.D. Defense -Sustainability in a Changing Landscape: Identifying the Effects of Land Use on Vegetation and Mammal Communities
10/29 Troy Smith - M.S. Defense - “Management and Conservation of Westslope Cutthroat Trout in an Impacted, Connected River System” Shea Coons – M.S. Defense – “Monitoring the Wetland Landscape: White-faced Ibis ( Plegadis chihi ) Breeding Habitat as a Model Assemblage”
11/05 Barry Brown, Dean, Mansfield Library - Guest Speaker - "Digital Scholarship, Citation Management, and Library Services"
11/12 Hilary Cooley, USFWS Grizzly Bear Recovery Coordinator - Guest Speaker - "Grizzly Bear Recovery in the Lower 48 States" Mateen Hessami, University of British Columbia - Guest Speaker - “Indigenizing the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation”
11/19 Devin Landry - Guest Speaker - “Connecting People to Conserve Wildlife: Learning More About UM’s Natural Resources Conflict Resolution Program” Matthew Metz - Ph.D. Defense
11/26 Thanksgiving holiday


(Off Seminar)

Tanner Humphries, M.S. Defense - "A Reintroduction Retrospective: Comparative Fisher ( Pekania pennanti ) Survival and Prey Habitat Selection in the Cascade Range of Washington State."
12/03 Torrey Ritter, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks - Guest Speaker Stephen Lewis, PhD Proposal Defense - “Demography and Movement Ecology of Eagles in Alaska”
12/10 Anthony Dangora - M.S. Defense Daniel Bird - Ph.D. Proposal Defense – “Identifying Migration Routes, Stop-Over Sites, Habitat Use, and Potential Barriers to Elk Movement on the Blackfeet Nation Indian Reservation (Montana, USA) and the Surrounding Landscape”


(Off seminar)

Ellen Pero - Ph.D. Defense