2022 Graduate Seminar in Wildlife Biology - WILD 594

Wildlife Biology seminars will be held via Zoom until further notice. To be added to the email distribution list for seminar announcements or to receive the Zoom link, please contact Ross Hinderer (


Presenter 1 - 1:50

Presenter 2 - 2:50

01/21 Chad Bishop, Hugh Robinson - "Class and program updates"
02/04 Scott Ferrenberg; Guest Speaker, New Associate Director of MFCES; “Host Selection and Plant Defenses”
02/11 Tom Glass; Post-Doc Presentation; "Snow as Structural Habitat for Wolverines in the Arctic"  
02/25 Hilary Cooley - Guest Speaker; US Fish and Wildlife Service - "Grizzly Bear Recovery in the Lower-48 States"
03/04 Torrey Ritter; Guest Speaker, MT Fish, Wildlife, and Parks; “Montana’s Nongame Wildlife Program”
03/11 Dan Walsh; New Unit Leader, MT Wildlife Co-Op Akasha Faist; Guest Speaker, New faculty in DECS
03/18 Anthony Dangora - M.S. Thesis Defense
03/25 Spring Break! Spring Break!
04/01 Brenna Cassidy Steve Lewis; Ph.D. Proposal Defense; “Demographic and Movement Ecology of Eagles in Alaska”
04/08 Sam Pannoni - Ph.D. Dissertation Defense - "Predicting disease transmission corridors and wildlife health using landscape community genomics and non-invasive metagenomic monitoring" Xavier Lovato; M.S. Proposal Defense
04/15 Connor O'Malley - M.S. Thesis Defense Amanda Emmel - M.S. Proposal Defense


Pete Mumford - M.S. Thesis Defense Colter Feuerstein - M.S. Thesis Defense
04/29 Donovan Bell - Ph.D. Dissertation Defense Landon Magee - M.S. Proposal Defense
(Last day of classes)
Libby Ehlers - Ph.D. Dissertation Defense Lauren Snobl - M.S. Thesis Defense