2021 Graduate Seminar in Wildlife Biology - WILD 594

Location: This seminar will be offered remotely via Zoom.  A Zoom link will be sent out in the weekly seminar email.  Contact:  Time: Fridays from 1 to 2:50 p.m.


Presenter 1 - 1:50

Presenter 2 - 2:50

01/15 Chad Bishop - Program Update
01/22 Tracee Anderson - Guest Speaker -
"Mental health strategies for grad students"
Ellen Pero and Hannah Specht - Student speakers - WBIO Mental Health Working Group update

Molly Mcdevitt - (Phd) Proposal Defense - "Where and when the antelope roam: Exploring environmental drivers of pronghorn movement and demography across spatiotemporal scales"


02/05 Daniel Bird - Student Speaker - "Perspective of an Indigenous Scholar in Natural Resources: New Mexico State University to Purdue University" Casey Day - Guest Speaker - "Linking landscape ecology with simulation modeling to support fisheries conservation and management: applications from the Lower Pend Oreille River, Washington, USA"

Tyler Hoeker - Guest Speaker - "Interactions between niche dimensions drive landscape suitability for three forest vertebrates during the 21st century "

Charlie Booher - (MS) Proposal Defense -"Looking to the Future of Conservation: Durable Wildlife Policy for the 21st Century"

Brendan Moynahan, Frank Quamen, Brian Logan - Guest Speakers - "Federal Coordination on Bison Conservation and the Role of Three UM Wildlife Biology Alumni"



David Smith and Nathan Allen - Guest Speaker - "Species Status Assessments to Inform ESA Decisions"


Erim Gómez - Faculty Speaker - "Conversation: Equity and Inclusion in Conservation and Wildlife Field"


Connor O'Malley - (MS) Proposal Defense - "Predicting mountain lion resource selection and abundance in North America"

Krishna Pacifici - Guest Speaker - "The Recent Past and Promising Future for Data Integration Methods to Estimate Species' Distributions"
03/19 Maddison Crane - (MS) Proposal Defense - "In the pursuit of greener pastures: how changes in vegetation influence diet and resource selection of pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) in Montana" Simone Des Roches - Guest Speaker - "The Effects of Climate Change and Urbanization on Threespine Stickleback Evolution"

Lindsey Barnard - Proposal Defense (Phd) - "Adaptive Behaviors to Climate Change Induced Mismatch"

04/09 Avian Science Center - Discussion - "Picture a Scientist"

Jennifer Feltner - Dissertation Defense - "Effects of wolf and grizzly bear recovery on cougars in a multi-use system"

Andreas Eleftheriou - Dissertation Defense - "Linking interspecific competition to disease prevalence: An investigation with a directly-transmitted zoonosis"


04/16 TJ Clark - Dissertation Defense - "Large Carnivore Recolonization Reshapes Population and Community Dynamics in the Rocky Mountains: Implications for Harvest Management"


Brian Tornabene - Dissertation Defense - "Ecotoxicological and physiological effects of salinity on amphibians"

04/23 Eric Palm - Dissertation Defense - "Linking habitat, populations and policy for caribou in the face of increasing disturbance"

Hans Martin - Dissertation Defense - "Sexually Dimorphic Ungulates Search for the Ideal Home: How Predation and Forage Differentially Affect Males and Females in a Partially Migratory Population”

Tara Meyer - (Phd) Proposal Defense - "Spatial Predator-Prey Dynamics in a Changing Rocky Mountain Landscape"


04/30 Adam Mitchell (9:00am) - Dissertation Defense - "Effects of weather, parental behavioral plasticity, and life history traits on offspring growth, development, and energy expenditure in songbirds"

Daniel Morina (12:00pm) - (Phd) Proposal Defense - "Evaluating the Effects of Oil and Gas Development and Activity on Movement, Resource Selection and Demographic Processes of Elk in the Badlands of Western North Dakota"