Study abroad course in South Africa

Conservation research in South Africa

This course is aimed at students wanting to start their career in the veterinary field and apply to study Vet Nursing or Veterinary Science. As well as our local Wildlife Vets, the programme also has a qualified UK Vet Student who acts as mentor and helps with personal statement etc as well as the main programme activities.

This program is coordinated by Wildtrax and students can apply directly through their website.

Dates: July 20th - August 1st, 2020

Fee: US $1,849.00 per person (15% Commission). Covers: Shared road transfers to and from Project, accommodation for duration, meal ingredients (Self Prepared), project activities. Exclusions: Flights, insurance, any activities undertaken that are not included as part of the project. Additional fee of $135 to receive UM credits for course.

Location: South Africa