Wilderness Outfitting & Packing

Learn the Art of Packing Horses and Mules 

Packing HorsesFORS 391  - 1 credit, January-March 2019

This complete course offers hands-on instruction working with packing equipment, horses, and mules. Classes are limited to 12 students per session allowing the instructor to work closely with each student. No prior experience is necessary and credit is available through Continuing Education at the University of Montana.

Course topics include general horse handling, packing, and minimum impact horse use and camping techniques. Students receive an introduction to safe handling of horses and mules, main injury points, riding equipment, picketing, hobbling, emergency shoeing, and basic backcountry horse care. The course also teaches packing, cargoing, loading and more. 

The 8 week course begins the week of January 12, 2019, and ends March 5, 2019. Class meets once a week for 3 hours at Smoke Elser's barn in the Rattlesnake. The choice of class times are: Sundays 3-6 pm, Tuesdays 7-10 pm, Thursdays 7-10 pm, or Saturdays 3-6 pm.


Course fee: $250, plus $155 continuing education tuition fee if taken for UM credit.

For more information, call 406-243-6916.