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Professor Carl Seielstad

"He's a preeminent scientist whose willingness to assess risk and control his own destiny is absolutely unique," says professor LLoyd Queen about his colleague Carl Seielstad - director of our minor in wildland fire sciences & management. Read more about this firefighting professor in a profile in the Dartmouth Alumni magazine. 

Deer mouse (c) Angie LuisPredicting outbreaks of zoonotic infections in reservoir hosts that live in highly fluctuating environments, such as Sin Nombre virus in deer mice, is particularly challenging. Professor Angie Luis just discovered how to make that prediction easier. Read more in this article in the journal Ecology.

PhD student Jake Jorgenson received an award from the International Travel and Tourism Research Association.

Professor Steve Running co-authored new research showing that climate change will reduce the number of growing days for plants worldwide. Read more in the Washington Post.

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The College of Forestry and Conservation offers Bachelor's of Science, Master's of Science and PhD degrees to educate the next generation of wildlife biologists, forest rangers, ecologists, park rangers, and more. Work with internationally renowned faculty in the classroom, lab, and outside. You will learn to apply science to complex issues such as global climate change, wildland fire, water availability, human interaction with nature, wildlife conservation, and forest resiliency.