The Climate Change Studies minor was developed by members of a climate change curriculum task force convened by then Provost Royce Engstrom in December 2007. The task force, co-chaired by Dr. Steve Running and Dr. Dane Scott, included 29 faculty members from across campus, representing a wide range of disciplines. 

The Climate Change Studies minor is coordinated by a program director and steering committee made up of faculty from each of the science, society and solutions areas.

Climate Change Faculty Steering Committee:

Dr. Ashley Ballantyne, Associate Professor of Bioclimatology
Dr. Steve Running
, Retired Regent’s Professor of Ecology 
Dr. Nicky Phear, Director, Climate Change Studies Program 
Dr. Derek Kellenberg, Professor, Department of Economics 
Dr. Anna Klene, Professor, Department of Geography 
Dr. Sara Rinfret,
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
Dr. Robin Saha
, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies 
Dr. Steve Schwarze, Professor, Department of Communication Studies
Lisa Swallow, Associate Professor, Business Technology 
Dr. Brock Tessman, Dean, Davidson Honors College 

Additional faculty members & university affiliates teach courses that are a part of the Climate Change Studies minor:

Dr. Len Broberg, Professor, Environmental Studies
Patrick Burke, Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy 
Dr. Cory Cleveland, Professor of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology
Peter McDonough, Adjunct Instructor, Energy and Climate Change, Environmental Studies
Dr. Dane Scott, Associate Professor of Ethics, Director of the Center for Ethics
Dr. Laurie Yung, Professor of Natural Resource Social Science
Dr. Dan Spencer, Professor, Environmental Studies