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Professor Ashley Ballantyne received a grant from NSF's EAGER-NEON. He's looking at ecosystem carbon production and consumption across North America. 

Professor Mark Hebblewhite and colleagues got a grant from NASA to study the impact of climate change in the Arctic Boreal region. 

College of Forestry and Conservation researchers brought in more than $35,000,000 in external grants in 2013-14 to support their work.

CFC grad students

Four current grad students and one recently graduated undergrad just published a paper in the journal Forest Ecology and Management on historical spatial patterns in dry mixed-conifer forests - work they started in an advanced forest ecology class taught by professor Andrew Larson. Congratulations to Mike Schaedel, Kate Clyatt, Haley Wiggins, and Justin Crotteau and undergraduate Harold Kelley on getting published!
CFC grad student Bridget Guilder Associate Professor Solomon Dobrowski recently received a Google Earth Engine Research Award to estimate how changes in both land cover and climate affect ecosystems across the entire globe. Professor Brady Allred got this same award from Google last year and M.S. student Bridget Guilder worked with him to learn how to use Google's complex geospatial data in her research.


Selected publications

Historical spatial patterns and contemporary tree mortality in dry mixed-conifer forests in Forest Ecology and Management by graduate students Kate A. Clyatt, Justin S. Crotteau, Michael S. Schaedel, Haley L. Wiggins, Harold Kelly (former undergrad student), Derek J. Churchill and Andrew J. Larson. Nov. 2015.

Spatial aspects of tree mortality strongly differ between young and old-growth forests in Ecology, Nov. 2015 by Andrew Larson.

Network analysis of host-virus communities in bats and rodents reveals determinants of cross-species transmission in Ecology Letters, Aug. 2015, by Angela Luis

The Montana Expression 2015: Bicycling a study by the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research

Suitable Days for Plant Growth Disappear under Projected Climate Change: Potential Human and Biotic Vulnerability in PLOS Biology, June 2015. Steve Running

Future productivity and carbon storage limited by terrestrial nutrient availability in Nature Geoscience, April 20, 2015. Cory Cleveland

Research in the Media

Pine Beetles Might Answer Climate Change Questions: Dr. Diana Six - Geek Puff - Oct. 2015

Sorry, "skeptics": Global warming may not be so great for plant life after all - The Washington Post - Steve Running's study on how climate change will affect plant growth

Soil Nutrients May Keep Plants from Slowing Down Climate Change - Nature World News - Cory Cleveland's recent study of how nitrogen limitations will reduce plant's uptake of C02

Drilling Continues on Critical Alberta Caribou Habitat Despite Recovery Deadline - HuffPost Alberta - Professors Mark Hebblewhite and Brady Allred analyzed the impact of energy development on caribou habitat in Alberta

Experts highlight importance of bike tourism to Montana economy - Missoulian - Norma Nickerson details the economic impact of bikers to Montana 

Pine Beetle Epidemic - National Geographic - Professor Diana Six leads readers into an exploration of the tiny beetle that is changing western forests