Recent news & announcements

UM researchers find lack of government accountability on widespread herbicide use on public land - article in Missoulian July 6, 2016 

Research led by UM underscores importance of gravel bed rivers - article in Missoulian June 30, 2016 

Professor Cara Nelson awarded Fulbright to study forest restoration in Chile in 2016

Sean Parks received an Early Career Award from the Rocky Mountain Research Station for his work at the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute

Grad student Haley Wiggins received a Wyss Scholar Fellowship

Grants and awards received by ecological restoration students in 2015:

  • Montana Native Plant Society Small Grant $1,145 to Christine McManamen
  • Missoula County Weed District Student Research Grant $2,500 to Christine McManamen
  • Society for Ecological Restoration Northwest Student Grant $950 to Christine McManamen
  • Society for Ecological Restoration Northwest Student Grant to Jesse Bunker
  • American Society for Mining and Reclamation $1,000 to Christine McManamen
  • Irene Evers' Competitive Undergraduate Research Scholarship to Jesse Bunker

UM Professor helps Kuwait revegetate arid landscapes - article in Missoulian, Nov. 26, 2014

Society for Ecological Restoration 2015 World Conference in Ecological Restoration in Manchester, UK - Ecological Restoration program director is currently the chair of SER

Professor Cara Nelson part of UM team awarded the largest research grant in UM history - $45 million from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to solve environmental and cultural resource problems

Ecological restoration undergrad students featured in local TV news story about restoration of Rock Creek