Wildlife Biology Graduate Student Association

The WBGSA is an association of and for graduate students of the Wildlife Biology Program of the College of Forestry and Conservation, Division of Biological Sciences within the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit. Its purpose is to represent the needs, interests, and perspectives of graduate students of the program. The WBGSA will represent the diversity, common goals, needs, and perspectives of graduate students in the WBIO program to WBIO faculty and administration offices. It will also serve to represent the students of the WBIO program to the greater university-wide Graduate Student Association (GSA). The organization will draw upon all areas of graduate education within the school for membership and elected officers.


Administrator: Hans Martin

Graduate Seminar Coordinator: Allison Keever

Faculty Liaison: Sarah Sells

Undergraduate Fisheries Liaison: Jeff Strait

Undergraduate Wildlife Liaison: James Goerz

Hans Martin

Hans Martin

Sarah Sells
Faculty liaison


James Goerz
Undergraduate Wildlife Liaison