Terrestrial Option

The Terrestrial Option provides students with a basic background in biological sciences during the first two years, with ecology, habitat, taxonomic, and conservation courses during the junior and senior years. Much of the course work focuses on birds and mammals and their habitats.


See the four-year plan for WBIO Terrestrial Option and special degree requirements

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Occasionally due to a mix of extenuating circumstances and career interests, students can petition to substitute a different class for a required class. Courses substitutions should be similar in level (e.g., 300-level) and credit load. If you would like to petition for a course substitution, you need to fill out a course substitution form, discuss the change with your faculty mentor for approval, and submit it to the undergraduate student advisor for review by the Wildlife Biology Program Undergraduate Committee.

To graduate with High Honors:

UM confers High Honors to select graduating seniors. To get High Honors, Wildlife Biology students must have a 3.7 GPA and complete either a senior thesis or an honors oral exam. Download a copy of requirements for this high honors option.