2003 Projects - NPS


Broberg, Len, Technical and Administrative Support for Crown of Continent Ecosystem Managers Partnership (Crown of the Continent Managers Partnership - view the forums for final report; 2005 forum summary-pdf copy)

Brown, Perry and Kathy Tonnessen, Program Support for Rocky Mountain I&M network, Rocky Mountain Cluster Parks and Web Development for the Southern Plains I&M Network

Crone, Elizabeth, Glacier National Park Rare Plant Monitoring Protocol Development

Perkins, Dusty, University of Montana Webpage Development and Travel Support

Redmond, Roland, Aerial Photo Inventory, Acquisition and Orthorectification CESU Project for LIBI and GRKO. Phase I: Inventory

Crabtree, Bob and Jack Stanford, Development and Utility of Multispectral, Remotely Sensed Imagery to Map Willow Distribution in the Northern Portion of Yellowstone Park (Report)

Douglas, John and Jamie Ryan Lockman, Lead Isotope and Trace Element Analysis of Nineteenth Century Lead Artifacts recovered from Lewis & Clark, Hudson's Bay Company, and U.S. Army sites of the Pacific Northwest (Report)

Foor, Tom and Bill Prentiss, Class III Cultural Resource Inventory of the Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS (Report)

Foor, Tom and Greg Campbell, Glacier National Park NAGPRA Cultural Affiliation Study

Freimund, Wayne, Research to Support Application of the Visitor Experience and Resource Protection Framework at Zion National Park 03 (Report; Plate 1; Plate 2; Plate 3)

Hauer, Richard, Hyperspectral Imagery Acquisition and Analysis of the Elwha River Corridor, Olympic National Park (Report)

Hodges, Karen and Scott Mills, Population distribution of snowshoe hares in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Moore, Johnnie, Sampling for Contaminants: Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, California (Report)

Redmond, Roland, Land-cover and Vegetation Mapping in Pinnacles National Monument (Report)

Rice, Peter, Control of Canadian Thistle in Irrigated Pastures (Progress Report)

Servheen, Chris, Greater Glacier Bear Project (Northern Divide Grizzly Bear Project: Website; Report; Ecological Applications, Vol. 18, No. 3)

Stanford, Jack, Lake McDonald Fishery Investigations

Woessner, William W., Staff Training and Monitoring of the Sewage Effluent Irrigation Project


Borkowski, John, Evaluating Wildlife Responses to Motorized Winter Use in Yellowstone National Park (Report: Journal Article)

Cherry, Steve, Evaluating Whitebark Pine Monitoring Protocols in the Greater Yellowstone Area
(Progress Report; Report)

Garrott, Robert, Evaluating the Abundance, Distribution, and Stress Hormones of Ungulates in Relation to Winter Human Use in the West-Central Portion of Yellowstone National Park (Report; Project plan: a demographic analysis of the Yellowstone National Park bison (Bison bison) herds from 1901 to 2000; Mechanisms Influencing the Spatial Dynamics of the Central Yellowstone Bison Herd; Journal Article)

Graumlich, Lisa, Beyond the Arch: Community and Conservation in Greater Yellowstone and East Africa 7th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Guy, Christopher S., Fish and Stream Surveys on Going to the Sun Highway, Glacier National Park (Report)

Guy, Christopher S., Lake McDonald Fishery Investigations (Report)

Hudson, Crystal, Laboratory Assessment of Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout, Whirling Disease Infection as a part of the Yellowstone National Park Whirling Disease Study

Kerans, Billie, Examination of Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Infection Risk as part of the Yellowstone National Park Whirling Disease Study (Report)

Lawrence, Rick, Non-Forest Vegetation Mapping And Change Detection Using Landsat TM And ETM+ Imagery In The Northern Range Of Yellowstone National Park

Maxwell, Bruce and Lisa Rew, Non-native Plants Survey of the Greater Yellowstone Inventory and Monitoring Network (Report)

Maxwell, Bruce and Lisa Rew, Non-native Plants Survey of the Greater Yellowstone Inventory and Monitoring Network (GRYN): Study Plan (Report)

Patten, Duncan, Greater Yellowstone Inventory & Monitoring Network (GRYN): Phase 2 Report Collaboration (Conceptual Models)

Wood, Shana, Initiate An Intermountain Region Noxious Weed Inventory & Mapping Program - Continuation


Scarnechia, Dennis L. and Ryan Kreiner, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Fisheries Population Assessments (Report)

Wright, Gerald, Channel Islands National Park Digital Image Library Development


Blanken , Peter, Snow Drift Control by Vegetation in Rocky Mountain National

Martin, Andrew, Describe existing populations and determine appropriate source populations for restoration of native trout subspecies in ROMO utilizing mitochondrial DNA and microsatellite genetic characterization (Report)

Montgomery, Bruce P., Yellowstone National Park, and Denver Service Center, Technical Information Center, Save America's Treasures (SAT) Archives Project (Overview 2004; Overview 2005)

Noel, Tom and David Richardson, Grand Teton National Park Fire Management Archives Project

Seastedt, Tim & Breiter, Nehalem, How Selective are Biological Controls?: Testing non-target herbivory by biological control agents for Yellow toadflax (Linaria vulgaris) and Dalmatian toadflax (Linaria genistifolia spp. Dalmatica.) (Progress Report, Summary Report, Thesis)

Stallard, Robert, Analysis of Rivers and River Basins within Central Alaska Network Park Units (Report)

Williams, Mark, Development of Methods to Evaluate the Nitrogen Status of Ecosystems in National Parks: DIN, DON, and C:N in Streams and Rivers

Williams, Mark, Developing Screening Procedures and Sampling Protocols for assessment of deposition-sensitive surface waters in the Rocky Mountains (Abstract; Publication; Publication #2; Report)

Williams, Mark, Soda Butte Creek: Water Quality Monitoring Program (Report)


Swaney, Bill, Student Intern for herbarium and restoration work at Glacier National Park 2003 (Report)


Baker, Fred, Integrated Pest Management Plan for Fort Laramie NHS

Brunson, Mark, and Ben Baldwin, Support of Collaborative Natural Resource Stewardship (Tehabi) (Report)

Brunson, Mark, and Ben Baldwin, Support of Collaborative Natural Resource Stewardship (Tehabi) (Report)

Dewey, Steven A., Data processing and report preparation for 2003 field data collected by NCPN Invasive Plant Inventory Crews

Dewey, Steven A., 2004 Early Field Season Inventory of Invasive Non-native Plants in Northern Colorado Plateau Network (NCPN) Parks

Dewey, Steven A., Inventory of Invasive Non-Native Plants in Six Northern Colorado Plateau Network (NCPN) Parks (Report: Arches National Park, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Bryce Canyon National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Colorado National Monument, Dinosaur National Monument, Hovenweep National Monument, Mesa Verde National Park, Natural Bridges National Monument, Zion Natioanl Park)

Hawkins, Charles P., Synoptic Review of River Invertebrate Data and Development of Monitoring Protocol for the Greater Yellowstone Network (Report; Field Protocols)

Provenza, Fred, Invasive Species Control and Biodiversity Restoration at Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site

Schmidt, John C., Adaptive management plan for reservoir release schedule for Jackson Lake Dam to improve/restore habitat on the Snake River

Schmidt, John C., Analysis of Changes in the Flow Regime and Preliminary Analysis of Recent Channel Changes of the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park (Interim Report, Figure 2, Report)

Shultz, Leila M., Certification of Accuracy for the Vascular Plant Data in NPSpecies (Report, Final Stats)


Goddard, Mark, Exotic Species Curriculum for the National Park Service - Textbook Edition (Report)


Beauvais, Gary and Doug Keinath, Bat Inventories in the Greater Yellowstone Network - Year 3 (Report; Yellowstone Science- Article)

Buskirk, Steve, AMK Cooperative Research Program - Continuation of Grand Teton Partnership 2003

Buskirk, Steve, AMK Cooperative Research Program - Continuation of Yellowstone NP partnership 2003

Eckles, David, FY2003 Archeological Investigations Yellowstone National Park

Eckles, David, Archeological Inventory and Site Evaluation for Fuels Treatment Projects 2003/2004 Grand Teton National Park

Eckles, David, Archeological Site Testing on the Yellowstone and Lamar Rivers, Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Eckles, David, Cultural resource survey and evaluation of historic road features associated with Firehole Canyon Drive and Firehole Lake Drive, Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Eckles, David, Identify and National Register Evaluations of Buried Historic Features, Fort Laramie National Historic Site

Grandjean, Burke, Gunnison Sage-Grouse Habitat Utilization Analysis, Curecanti National Recreation Area (Report)

Gerow, Ken, Biostatistics Support for National Park Service Fire Ecology/ National Fire Program (Report)

Hall, Bob, Greater Yellowstone Inventory & Monitoring Network (GRYN): Phase 2 Report Collaboration (Conceptual Models)

Heasler, Hank, Provide Geologic Support to Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Hubert, Wayne, Predicting Lake Trout Spawning Areas in Yellowstone Lake as a part of the Native Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Preservation Program in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Sandeen, Eric, Historic Structures- Vegetation Control at Fort Laramie NHS (Report)

Taylor, Patricia and Burke Grandjean, Visitor Use Patterns Along the Highway 7 Corridor to Rocky Mountain National Park (Lily Lake, Longs Peak, Wild Basin) (Report)

Tinker, Dan, Fire Management Plan and Environmental Analysis for Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and Curecanti National Recreation Area (Fire Management Plan Environmental Assessment /Assessment of Effect; Fire Management Plan; Fire Plan Map)

Tinker, Dan, Greater Yellowstone Inventory & Monitoring Network (GRYN): Phase 2 Report Collaboration (Conceptual Models)

Walker, Danny, Archeological Survey of the Tom Sun Ranch National Historic Landmark