2006 Projects - NPS

Results of RM-CESU (NPS) Small Grants Program


Broberg, Len, Technical and Administrative Support for Crown of Continent Ecosystem Managers Partnership (2006 Report)

Brown, Perry, Jerry O’Neal, National Park Service Student Fellowship Program (2007 Fellowship Awardees; 2008 Fellowship Awardees; 06Report; 07Report; 08 Report)

Reports from 2007 Fellowship Awardees:
Peitzsch, Erich, Montana State Universtity, Characterizing Snow Structure and Meteorological Parameters of Wet Slab Avalanches along the Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park, MT (Brief, Thesis)

David McKenzie, University of Wyoming, Post-Fire Climate Effects on Montane Forest Tree Species in Glacier National Park (Brief, Thesis)

Brown, Perry, Program Support for Rocky Mountains I&M Network and for RM-CESU Activities

Mast, M. Alisa and David W. Crow, Effects of 2003 wildfires on stream chemistry in Glacier National Park, Montana

Bahls, Loren, A Survey of Diatom Biodiversity in Glacier Natioanl Park

Brown, Perry, Program Support for National Park Service, Rocky Mountains CESU, with additional support for Acadia NP

Catton, Ted, Administrative History for Lassen Volcanic National Park, Phase I-III (Report)

Catton, Ted, Timbisha Shoshone Homeland Act Administrative History,Death Valley National Park, Phases 1-3

Chacon, Hipolito Rafael, Inventory and Historic Background Report for Glacier National Park Artwork (Report; Images)

Douglas, John, Program Support for the NPS National Historic Landmarks Program, Intermountain Region, and Rocky Mountain Cluster Parks

Duffield, John, Economic Values of National Park System Resources Along the Colorado River,
Phases 1-3
(White Paper and Report)

Duffield, John, National Park Service, Benefits Transfer Database

Duffield, John, Regional Economic Impact Analysis for the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Memorial Parkway Winter Use Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Report and Supplementary Report)

Eby, Lisa, Fish Surveys on the Gros Ventre River, Grand Teton National Park (Progress Report;Report)

Foresman, Kerry, Distribution of Pikas and Clark’s Nutcrackers in Glacier National Park

Freimund, Wayne, Social Research in Support of Impact Mitigation on Restoration of the Going to the Sun Road, phases 1-5 (2005 Report; 2006 Report; 2007 Report; 2009 Report; Synthesis Report)

Freimund, Wayne, Winter Visitor Experiences in Yellowstone National Park: The Roles of Natural Quiet and Wildlife (Research Proposal; Report; NPS Report; Article)

Hauer, Richard, Assessment of Natural Resources and Watershed Conditions for Glacier National Park

Hauer, Richard, Assessment of Septic Leachate: A Survey of Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park (Report, Appendix A and B)

Hutto, Richard, Quantifying the Effects of 2003 Fires on Fire-dependent Bird Species in Glacier NP
(JFSP Brief; JFSP Report; Report)

Krahe, Diane, Administrative History of the Establishment and Development of the National Network of the Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units (Progress Report)

McKinney, Matthew, Communications Plan for the Crown Manager’s Partnership (Report)

Mills, Scott, Development of Wildlife Indicators for VERP at Mount Rainier National Park (Martix; Final Table; Report)

Mills, Scott, Evaluating the prey base for lynx: snowshoe hare abundance, habitat use, and population dynamics in Glacier National Park (Interim Report for 05/06; Progress Report Oct 06; Annual Report 06 Annual Report 07; Report)

Moore, Johnnie, Interagency Burned Area Stabilization and Rehabilitation Plan for the Frenchie Fire: Contaminants Sampling and Analysis (Interim Report)

Prentiss, Anna, National Register Nomination for the Bannock Trail through Yellowstone Park

Sattler, Richard, Documenting the 1999 Buffalo Walk and Reporting on the Cultural Significance of Bison to at Least Two American Indian Tribes Associated with Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Seielstad, Carl, Thermal Remote Monitoring of the Norris Basin, Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Spear, Terry, Yellowstone Winter Use Personal Exposure Monitoring

Thompson, Sally, Video recording elders from the Gros Ventre and Assiniboine Tribes and other tribal elders regarding their traditional uses of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and National Elk Refuge

Woods, Scott, The effects of recent watershed deglaciation, climate change, and microbial processes on nitrate loading and ecological response in high alpine aquatic systems (Poster)


Borkowski, John, Evaluating Wildlife Responses to Motorized Winter Use in Yellowstone National Park (Report: Journal Article)

Creel, Scott, Develop Techniques to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Grizzly Bear Management Areas in Yellowstone National Park (Progress Report; Report)

Garrott, Robert, Collaborative Ungulate Habitat and Population Monitoring, Yellowstone National Park (Report, Journal Article)

Graumlich, Lisa, Editing and Layout for Rocky Mountain Network Phase III Report – Draft Monitoring Plan

Graumlich, Lisa, Winter Use Management – Bison Experiment Workshop (Description & Agenda; Journal Article)

Gray, Stephen & Graumlich, Lisa, Development of a Conceptual Framework for Climate Products for Intermountain Region I & M Networks (Report)

Guy, Christopher, Lake Trout Suppression Program Data Analysis, Modeling, and Guidance to Improve Efficiency (Report)

Hansen, Andrew, Avian response to structural changes in willow dominated habitats in the Northern Range, Yellowstone National Park (Progress Report 07; Report)

Hudson, Crystal, Laboratory Assessment of Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Whirling Disease Infection as a part of the Yellowstone National Park Whirling Disease Study

Hug, Annelise Carleton, Windows into Wonderland eTrip Evaluation

Jelinkski, Jane, A Public Engagement Plan and Cooperating Agency Agreements for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks’ Winter Use Environmental Impact Statement and Rulemaking (Report)

Kack, David, Aircraft Overflight Education, Devils Tower National Monument (Report; Devils Tower No Fly Advisory Bulletin)

Kipfer, Todd, Monitoring protocols for the Greater Yellowstone Network inventory and monitoring program including report on aridland soil stability and structure protocol (Vital Signs Monitoring Plan for the Greater Yellowstone Network; Soil Stability and Structure Monitoring Protocol; Soil Stability Brief)

Kipfer, Todd, Renovation of Northern Range streams to prevent ESA listing of Yellowstone cutthroat trout phases 1-4 (Phase 1 Report; Report)

Lawrence, Rick, Change detection of Yellowstone' radiative thermal flux using remote sensing imagery (Report; Dissertation)

Marlow, Clayton, Wetland Mapping and Impacts of Irrigation on Wetlands of the Elk Ranch within Grand Teton National Park, WY (Progress Report)

Roberts, David, Modeling future vegetation composition and structure in Grand Teton National Park, WY

Schmitz, Denine, Monitoring water quality and quantity in Bighorn Canyon NRA: Seeps, springs and river and stream locations (Report; Data Summary for Monitoring Water Quality; Data Summary for Monitoring Springs)

Strong, Chris, Moose-Wilson Road Adaptive Management/Implementation Plan and Grand Teton NP Transit Business Plan (Report; Transportation Plan)

Tobias, Ronald, “Geology of Bighorn Canyon” Film

Whitlock, Cathy, Mammoth Crystal Springs Sediment Core Collection and Analyses, Sylvan Pass Area, Yellowstone NP (Report)

Willey, David, Foraging Ecology of Threatened Mexican Spotted Owls (Strix occidentalis lucida) in Grand Canyon National Park (Report for Year 04; Report for Year 05; Final Report 2008)

Willey, David, Predicting Mexican Spotted Owl Habitat in the Chihuahuan Desert Using Regression-Based Models

Willey, David, Wildlife Surveys for Grand Canyon National Park Fire and Aviation Program (Report)


Breckenridge, Roy, Geologic mapping of the White Bird 7.5’ quadrangle, Nez Perce National Historic Park, Idaho (Map)

Byers, John, Conservation of the Declining Yellowstone Pronghorn Population (Report)

Pellmyr, Olle, Effects of fragmentation on the pollination of Joshua Tree by its yucca moth mutualists

Thorsteinson, Todd, Strategic Organization Review Internship, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area (Report)

Wright, Gerald, Vascular Plant Inventory of Expanded Craters of the Moon NM & Preserve


Bowman, William, Evaluation of Long-term Species Changes and Responses to Nitrogen Fertilization in Alpine Plant Communities (Report; Journal of Environmental Management Article)

Lekson, Steve, NAGPRA: Contaminated Collections Consultation, Human Remains Consultation, Training, and Protocol Development

Manley, William, Coastal Change in the Southwest Alaska Network (SWAN)

Stallard, Robert, Extended Analysis of Rivers and River Basins Within Central Alaska

Walker, Deward, Report on significance of bison and elk to the American Indian tribes associated with Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge


Burton, Lloyd, “Place and Native Voice”  (Report)

Gallagher, Lissa, Assessing Regional Legislative and Policymaking Priorities

Marlow, Michael, Evaluating and Developing Education Resources and Junior Ranger Programs for Colorado National Parks

Marlow, Michael, Developing educational resources for “Views of the National Parks”
(Status Report; Views Website)

Muller, Brian, Geographic Resource Information Management (GRIM) Team Project Support (Report)

Summers, Luis, Historic American Building Survey (HABS) Documentation of Serpents Quarters Pueblo, Cortez, CO, Phase I (Report)

Vlahos, Ekaterini, NPS Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) and National Historic Landmarks (NHL) Program projects for the Heritage Partnerships Program for the Intermountain Region


Brunswig, Bob, Interpretive Booklet on Native American Tribes in Rocky Mountain National Park and a Long-term Plan in Support of Park Cultural-Environmental Interpretation Programs (Report)

Brunswig, Bob, Ponderosa Creek Campground Prescribed Burn Survey (Report)

McBeth, Sally, Ethnographic Overview of Colorado National Monument, Phase I: Literature review and analysis (Report)


Anderson, David, Rare and Sensitive Plant Survey for a proposed reroute of the Continental Divide Trail (Report)

Bruyere, Brett, Develop communications materials for natural resource topics, management activities, and issues

Bruyere, Brett, Improving Education at U.S. Nature and Environmental Centers, Phase II

Clements, William, Water quality technical assistance for the Greater Yellowstone Network

Cooper, David, Data Collection and Detailed Restoration Design for the Rodeo Beach Wetland Complex, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California (Report)

Cooper, David, Protocol Development for Wetland Monitoring, and Implementation of Wetland Monitoring for ROMN National Parks, Phase 1

Cooper, David, Evaluate Reference Meadows and Develop Restoration Concepts for Halstead Meadow, Sequoia National Park, California (Report #1; Report #2Report)

Cooper, David, Meadow Ecological Integrity Protocol Development (Report)

Cooper, David, Vital Signs Monitoring Design and Protocol Development

Daniels, Judith, Soil Resources Inventory Project

Fiege, Mark, NPS Administrative History of Grazing, Phase II

Fiege, Mark, Study of 1864 Environmental Conditions, Sand Creek Massacre NHS, Phase II (Report)

Hobbs, N. Thompson, Incorporating Ecological Modeling into Wildlife Health Management Planning (A Model Analysis of the Effects of Wolf Predation on Prevalence of Chronic Wasting Disease in Elk Population in Rocky Mountain National Park)

Kalkhan, Mohammed, Research, design, develop and implement technology in support of the NPS Vegetation Mapping Inventory, the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program

Kashay, Jennifer, Geology and Paleontology Exhibits for Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument (Progress Report 2006)

Knapp, Alan, Ph.D. Graduate Assistantship to assist with the vital signs development for the Southern Plains I&M Network (Report)

Kondratieff, Boris, Integrated Pest Management Plan and Educational Powerpoint for Bent’s Old Fort: Focus on Invertebrate Pests

Koziol, Chris, Historic Structures Reports (HSR) for Grand Teton NP Properties: Beaver Creek #10/Old Administration Building, and the Snake River Land Company Residence/Buffalo Dorm, Office, and Garage (Course Website; Report)

Laituri, Melinda, GIS and Data Management Research, Development, and Technical Support to the Natural Resource Program Center

Loftis, Jim, Acoustic monitoring in Mount Rainier National Park

Loftis, Jim, Clean Water Act Impairments and Use Designations for National Park System Water Resources; Status and Trends of Impaired, Threatened, and Outstanding National/State Resource Waters (FY06 Annual Report; FY08 Annual Report; Report)

Loftis, Jim, Guidance and technical support to the Natural Resource Program Center (NRPC) of the National Park Service, making the latest Web technology available to the NPS

Loftis, Jim, Development of Natural Resource Education and Outreach Programs and Techniques (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems, and Mobile Mapping Research and Development for the NPS GIS Program

Loftis, Jim, GIS technical support for NPS Intermountain Region Geographic Resource Information Management Team (Annual Report)

Loftis, Jim, Southeast Coast Network Database Program (FY06 Annual Report; FY08 Annual Report; Report)

Loftis, Jim, Support of Research and Technical Assistance with the National Park Service, Natural Resource Program Center (Report)

Ojima, Dennis & Baron, Jill, Assessing Ecological and Biogeochemical Responses to Changing Atmospheric Nitrogen and Sulfur Deposition at Local to Regional Scales in the United States (Report)

Roath, Roy, Establish Desired Future Conditions for Mixed- Grass Praire Ecosystem, Sand Creek Massacre NHS (Progress Report; Report)

Romme, William, Reciprocal Interactions Between Bark Beetles and Wildfire in Subalpine Forests: Landscape Patterns and the Risk of High-Severity Fire (Report; Journal Article)

Sanders, Thomas, Preservation, Protection, and Management of Water and Aquatic Resources of Units of the National Park System

Sovell, John, Inventory rare and listed species at Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site (Report)

Stevens, Joe, Biological Resource Management in National Parks- Vegetation Mapping Information Management and Delivery in support of the NPS Vegetation Mapping Inventory

Stevens, Joe, Vegetation classification and mapping at Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site (BEOL) and Sand Creek National Historic Site (SAND) (Report)

Sutton, Sally, Biological Resource Management in National Parks- Invasive Species Information Management and Delivery

Theobald, David, Assessment of Natural Resources and Watershed Conditions for Rocky Mountain National Park and Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument (Report; Journal Article)

Wilson, Kenneth, Development of a monitoring protocol for snowshoe hares in the Central Alaska Network [Year 2]


Hurley, Patricia, Restoration Intern at Glacier National Park (Report from Intern 06)


Baldwin, Ben, Bison Literature Review (Executive Summary; Report)

Baldwin, Ben, Enhance the Understanding and Appreciation of the Flora of the Grant-Kohrs Ranch Complex (Progress Report; Report; Field Guide to the Common Plants by Life and Habitat; Typha Review)

Baldwin, Ben, Tehabi Internship – Rocky Mountain Cluster Park project for summers 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 (2006 Emily Yost Intern - Bighorn Canyon NRA on the Greater Yellowstone Science Learning Center web content; Report06; Report08)

Baldwin, Ben, Tehabi Internships - Rocky Mountain Inventory and Monitoring project for summer 2006 & 2007 (Report 2006)

Baldwin, Ben, Tehabi Internship – Glen Canyon NRA 2006 and 2007 Interns (Report 2006)

Dewey, Steven, Support Invasive Plant Monitoring in Northern Colorado Plateau Parks (Report: Bryce Canyon NP, Dinosaur NP, Zion NP)

Luecke, Chris, Baseline Inventory of Physical, Chemical and Biological Attributes of Select Lakes in the Arctic Network (ARCN)

Neale, Christopher, Mapping of Thermal Springs and Features in the Upper, Middle and Lower Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park (Abstract; Article; Report)

Schmidt, John, Hydrology and Geomorphology of the Snake River downstream from Jackson Lake Dam in Grand Teton National Park, including estimate of bed material budget (Report)

Timmons, Michael, Gold Rush International Historical Trail System Phase II (Report; Appendices)

Van Miegroet, Helga, Establishing baseline nitrogen status and edaphic conditions for alpine vegetation in Grand Teton National Park (Progress Report06 and Photos; Progress Report07; Report)


Beauvais, Gary, Vascular Plant Species List Project: Herbaria Review and Technical Report Preparation for Northern Colorado Plateau Network parks (Reports- ARCH, BLCA, BRCA, CANY, CARE, CEBR, COLM, CURE, DINO, FOBU, GOSP, HOVE, NABR, PISP, TICA, ZION)

Ben-David, Merav, River Otters in Southwest Alaska Network, A Plan to Estimate Distribution, Relative Abundance, and Minimum Population Size Based on Coastal Latrine Site Surveys and Microsatellites in Katmai, Lake Clark and Kenai Fjords NPS (Report)

Eckles, David, Archeological Inventory and Site Evaluation for Fuels Treatment Projects 2006/2007 (Granite Creek and Two Ocean-Pacific Creek), Grand Teton National Park (Report- Grant Creek; Report-Two Oceans)

Eckles, David, Data Recovery at Precontact Archeological Site 48YE114 in Area of Potential Effect of Road Reconstruction near Frying Pan Springs, Phases II and III (Summary Report)

Galey, Frank, Development of a Manager’s Short Course on Wildlife Diseases (Report)

Gerow, Ken, Biostatistics Support for National Park Service Biological Projects

Harkin, Michael, Overview of American Indian Ethnobotanical Resources at Fort Laramie National Historic Site (Progress Report)

Harkin, Michael, Phase I, Update of Ethnographic Overview of Devils Tower National Monument (Title Page, Table of Content, Report)

Harlow, Hank, UW-NPS Grand Teton Research Center (2005 Report; 2006-2007 UW-NPS Small Grant Awards; UW NPS Research Center 2006-2007 Annual Report)

Kelly, Robert, Archeological Inventory and Site Evaluation for Fuels Treatment Project 2007, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area (Report)

Kelly, Robert, Intermountain Region ASMIS Condition Assessment Assistance (Report)

Latchininsky, Alex, Literature Study and Monitoring Strategies for Eight Insect Species of the Great Sand Dunes National Park (Progress Report)

Taylor, Patricia, 2007 Comprehensive Survey of the American Public (Reports: 2008-2009 National Technical Report; 2008-2009 Broad Comparisons to the 2000 Survey; 2008-2009 Racial and Ethnic Diversity of National Park System Visitors and Non-Visitors)

Taylor, Patricia, & Grandjean, Burke, Pricing the America the Beautiful Pass (Report: Project Summary; Task #2: Benchmarking; Task #3: Economic Analysis; Task #4: Focus Groups; Task #5: Survey; Appendix A: Calibration)

Taylor, Patricia and Burke Grandjean, Visitor Use Patterns Along the Highway 7 Corridor to Rocky Mountain National Park (Lily Lake, Longs Peak, Wild Basin)

Tinker, Daniel, Natural Resource Program Interns for Bighorn Canyon NRA (Report)

Tinker, Daniel, Reciprocal Interactions Between Bark Beetles and Wildfire in Subalpine Forests: Landscape Patterns and the Risk of High-Severity Fire (Report; M.Sc. Thesis; Journal Article)