2013 Projects - NPS


Berger, Joel, Trans-Beringia Muskoxen — Creation of Ecological Baselines in an Era of Arctic Warming (Report)

Berger, Joel, Trophic Downgrading at Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Burchfield, Jim and Gerloff, Lisa, Jerry O’Neal National Park Service Student Fellowship Program (Report - 2014 Awardees)

Reports from 2014 Fellowship Awardees:
Wesley Sarmento, M.Sc. Candidate – Wildlife Biology, University of Montana: Parks, People, and Prey: Direct and Indirect Effects on Mountain Goat Ecology in Glacier National Park (Video; Thesis)

Sarah Moody, M.A. Candidate – Environmental Studies, University of Montana: Communicating to the Public:  Climate Change in Glacier National Park (BriefPortfolio)

Reports from 2013 Fellowship Awardees:
Cristina McKernan, Colorado State University: The Effects of Glacier Loss on Alpine and Subalpine Riparian Vegetation in Glacier National Park, Montana (Brief; Thesis)

Elizabeth Pansing, University of Colorado Denver: Role of microsite type, cache pilferage, and elevation in whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis Engelm.) regeneration in the Northern Rocky Mountains: Implications for restoration and climate change (Brief; Thesis)

Condon, Phil, Science Communication Internship at the Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center, Glacier National Park, Summer 2013 (Report)

Freimund, Wayne, GTSR Corridor Management Plan-Visitor Management Research, Glacier National Park (Report)

Freimund, Wayne, Native American Student Employment Project, phase 2 (Report)

Freimund, Wayne, Social Science Technical Assistance for Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Lukacs, Paul, Applying spatial models to better understand the nature of ship-whale encounters in and near Glacier Bay National Park (Report)

MacDonald, Douglas, Archeological Reconnaissance of the Snake and Lewis Rivers in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

MacDonald, Douglas, University of Montana Archeological NR Testing on the South Shore of Yellowstone Lake & Data Synthesis (Report)

Mitchel, Mike, Assessing Humboldt Marten Prey Availability and Predator Abundance in Advance of Population Restoration (Report)

Mitchel, Mike, Parks, People, and Prey: Direct and Indirect Effects on Mountain Goat Ecology in Glacier National Park (Report)

Rice, Peter, Technical Support for Natural Resource Condition Assessment for Grant-Kohrs NHS, Phase 1 (Report)

Sattler, Richard, Graduate Researcher for Archeological Inventory and Database Management (Report)


Guy, Chris, Annual Evaluation and Development of Benchmarks for Lake Trout Suppression in Yellowstone Lake (Report)

Guy, Chris, Electroshocking to Induce Mortality of Lake Trout Embryos in Yellowstone Lake (Report)

McMahon, Tom, Spawning Stream Origins of Cutthroat Trout Determined by Chemistry of Bone (Report)

McWethy, David, Implementing the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network to Facilitate Fire Science Communication: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Node (Report)

Olsen, Bret, Promote Preservation of Resources through Monitoring at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS (2012 Report; Plant Species PPT; Bird Species PPT)

Olson, Bret, Technical Support for Natural Resource Condition Assessment for Grant-Kohrs NHS, Phase 1 (Report)

Rucker, Randal, Economic Analysis of Brucellosis Management in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (Report)

Shaw, Joseph, Optical sensing to study the effect of anthropogenic light and noise on flying insects (Report)

Sigler, Adam, Water Resource Monitoring – Bighorn Canyon NRA (Report)

Whitlock, Cathy, Implementation of the Native Trout Conservation Plan/Environmental Assessment (Report)

Whitlock, Kathy, Provide Technical Assistance to the Great Northern LCC (Report)

Whitlock, Kathy, Provide Technical Assistance to the Greater Yellowstone I&M Network (Report)

Whitlock, Cathy, Scientific Review Panel Evaluations of Cutthroat Trout Conservation Strategies (Report)


Camp, Stacey, 2013-2014 NPS Archeology Program Webinar Series (Report)

Goldberg, Caren and Waits, Lisette, Preliminary evaluation of environmental DNA for monitoring amphibians in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Hall, Troy, Developing a Monitoring Protocol for Visitor Experience and Recreation Demand at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area (Report)

Hall, Troy, Social Science Research for Wilderness Planning in Yosemite National Park, phase1-3 (Report)

Le, Lena, DOI Employee Commuting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Study (Report)

Le, Lena, Social values of ecosystem services in national parks – Cape Lookout National Seashore (Report)

Le, Lena, University of Idaho, Park Studies Unit Visitor Services Project (VSP) (Report)

Machlis, Gary, Development and Deployment of Strategic Science Group (Report)

Morgan, Penepole, Implementing the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network to Facilitate Fire Science Communication: Idaho Node (Report)

Smith, Alistair, Wildfire decisions and air quality: 4 hour online course (Report)

Vierling, Kerri, Small Mammal Inventory and Species Assessment Project for the Weippe Prairie Site, Nez Perce National Historical Park (Report)


Springfield, Edwin, Digitize Journals in the LIBI White Swan Library for public access (Report)


Bowman, William, Evaluating the Influence of Nitrogen Deposition Gradients on Plant Diversity: Filling in the Gaps (Report)

Caffrey, Maria, Providing Sea Level Change and Storm Surge Projections for All Coastal Parks (Report)

Ge, Shemen, Evaluating the Response of the Pool Level at Devils Hole to Earthquakes(Report)

Montgomery, Bruce, Yosemite Archive Backlog Cataloging Project (Report)

Sutter, Paul, President George W. Bush Childhood Home Reconnaissance Study (Report)

Williams, Mark, Rocky Mountain Inventory and Monitoring Network Stream Ecological Integrity Monitoring, Water Chemistry Project (Report)


Marlow, Mike, Teacher Ranger Teacher (TRT) Program Curriculum Support (Report)

Nemeth, Jeremy, Geographic Resources Program (GRP) GIS Technical Support (Report)

Noel, Tom, Heritage Partnership Internship (Report)

Noel, Tom, Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program Internship (Report)

Ruppert, David, Traditional Cultural Property (TCP) Nomination for Rainbow Bridge National Monument (Report)

Thomas, Deb, NPS Air Resources Information and Outreach Assistance (Report)


Aldridge, Cameron, Develop Spatially Explicit Gunnison Sage-grouse Winter Habitat Models (Report)

Azimi-Sadjadi, Mahmood, Development and Testing of Instrumentation and Software for Acoustical Monitoring (Report)

Bailey, Larissa, Investigating the impact of introduced, endangered cutthroat trout on boreal toad breeding success and recruitment (Report)

Bend, RonDevelop videos for climate change and natural resource topics (Report)

Brown, Cynthia, Analyze Vegetation Monitoring Data Collected in Western National Parks Program (Report)

Collett, Jr., Jeffrey, Air Quality and Nitrogen Deposition in the Rocky Mountain and Bakken Formation Regions (Report)

Cooper, David, Monitoring water levels and vegetation cover, and producing a Jurisdictional Wetland Delineation Map and Report, in the Grand Ditch Restoration study area in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (Report)

Cooper, David, Remove Final Levee Segment to Complete Restoration of Wetland-Riparian Habitat along Lower Glorieta Creek, Pecos National Historical Park (Report)

Cooper, David, Restoration of riparian willows in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (Report)

Fiege, Mark, Environmental History of Invasive Exotic Species to Inform Responsible Restoration Practices in Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Hand, Jenny, Assistance for Night Sky Visibility Data Collection, Analysis, and Presentation (Report)

Hand, Jenny, Assistance for Visibility Data Analysis and Image Display Techniques (Report)

Hand, Jenny, Web-Based Environmental Database Supporting Air Resource Management in National Park and Forest Service Lands (Report)

Hannah, Judith, Inventorying and Monitoring Natural Resources Status and Trends in the National Park System – Geologic Resources Inventory (Report)

Hobbs, Tom, Develop Servicewide Review and Population Models for Ungulate Management in the National Park Service (Report)

Hobbs, N. Thompson, Developing Methods to Understand Elk Movements and Abundance on Winter Range in Rocky Mountain National Park (Report; NPS Report)

Kelly, Eugene, Soil Resources Inventory Project (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Continuation of Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems, and Mobile Mapping Research and Development for the NPS GIS Program (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Enterprise Geographic Information Systems and Web Mapping Research and Development for NPS GIS Program (Report)

Loftis, Jim, IMR Geographic Resources Division GIS Project Support (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Legacy Water Quality Data Reclamation, Digitization, and Archiving (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Southeast Coast Network Database Program (Report)

Meiman, Paul, Biological Resource Management in National Parks – Invasive Species Management in National Parks and Beyond - Information Management and Delivery (Report)

Ore, Janet, Correct Museum Records and Preservation Deficiencies with Collections at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS (Report)

Ore, Janet, FY13 Plan and Conduct Oral History Project (Report)

Ore, Janet, Historic Furnishing Report of the Apollo Mission Control Center, Houston, TX (Report)

Ore, Janet, National Historic Landmark Nomination for Wild West Shows (Report)

Rathburn, Sara, Flow and Sediment Transport Monitoring, Upper Colorado River, RMNP (Report)

Sanders, Thomas, Water rights activity assessment, and water rights records research and management in protection of water and aquatic resources of Units of the National Park System (Report)

Schumacher, Russ, Toward a Meteorological Early Warning System for Reducing the Transport and Deposition of Nitrogen in Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Self, James, Appalachian Highlands Inventory and Monitoring Network Water Quality Analysis, 2013-2014 (Report)

Sibold, Jason, Assessment of spruce beetle, western balsam bark beetle, and Douglas-fir beetle in and adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park, CO (Report)

Spraker, Terry, Technical Assistance to the National Park Service Wildlife Health Team (Report)

Sprouse, William, Develop, verify, process, maintain, and document information in support of the National Park Service’s natural resource and cultrual resouce-related data and information systems (2009 Report; 2010 Report)

Stevens, Joe, Accuracy Assessment of Vegetation Map at Lake Mead National Recreation Area (Report)

Wittemyer, George, Monitoring acoustical environments and noise, and studying their significance to wildlife (Report)

Wohl, Ellen, Geophysical characterization of the Sand Creek site in Colorado (Report)

Zimmerman, Donald, Provide guidance and technical support to the Natural Resource Stewardship and Science Directorate (Report)


Bendremer, Jeff, Conduct Archeological Testing to Support Determination of Eligibility for Stuart-Menard Cabin Site (Report)

Bendremer, Jeff, Establish Salish-Kootenai College Student Internship in Cultural Resources at
Glacier National Park


Brunson, Mark, Develop Outreach and Interpretive Materials to Communicate Best Management Practices for Confronting Illegal Marijuana Cultivation in Parks (Report)

Brunson, Mark, Preparation of Natural Resource Condition Assessment Reports for Five Intermountain Region Parks (Report)

Brunson, Mark, Science Communication Assistance, Devils Postpile National Monument (Report)

Brunson, Mark, Tribal Consultation Meeting and Science Communication Assistance (Report)

Finley, Judson, Archeological Overview and Assessment for Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park (Report)

Monz, Christopher, Moose-Wilson Corridor Transportation Visitor Use Levels, Patterns and Impacts Data Collection in Grand Teton National Park (Report)

Neale, Christopher, Conduct Aerial LiDAR Survey for Documentation of Fort Union National Monument (Report)

Neale, Christopher, Investigation of Seasonal Variations and Heat Flow for Selected Hydrothermal Systems Using High Resolution Airborne Remote Sensing and Spatial Modeling (Report)


Atkinson, Eric, Establishing a Baseline for Dendrochronology Research in Bighorn Canyon NRA: Analysis of Tree Rings, Climate Change, and the Long Term Impacts of Climate Change on Natural and Cultural Resources in the Park (Report)


Bricker, Kelly, Denali Community Subsistence Ethnography—Denali National Park Region 2013—Cantwell, Telida, Nikolai, and/or Lake Minchumina (Report)


Harlow, Hank, UW-NPS Research Center, Small Grants (Report)

Harlow, Hank, UW-NPS Research Center Support, 2012-13 (Report)

Peacock, Kendall, Reduce Fuels and Control Exotic Weeds at Devils Tower National Monument (Report)

Peacock, Kendall, Rehabilitate and Restore Vegetation and Historic Features Along Obsolete Roads (Report)

Peterson, Marcia, Along the Trail with the Nez Perce: The Summer of 1877 in 2013, Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Peterson, Marcia, Complete Multiple Property Document and Determinations of Eligibility for Backcountry Trails in Yellowstone National Park, Phase 2 (Report)

Peterson, MarciaGeological Studies on the North Entrance Road, Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Peterson, Marcia and Sanders, Paul, Moose Exhibit Site 48YE201:  Final Data Recovery Report and preparation of various journal (Report)

Taylor, Patricia, Public Attitudes and Actions toward Wild Animal Viewing in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Tronstad, LushaInterpretive presentation about invertebrate resources at Devils Tower National Monument (Report)

Tronstad, Lusha, Macroinvertebrates at Agate Fossil Beds National Monument (2011 Report; Report)

Tronstad, Lusha, Survey of native mussels in the Belle Fourche River at Devils Tower National Monument and in the Laramie River at Fort Laramie National Historic Site (Report)

Walker, Danny, Conduct Comprehensive Archeological Remote Sensing Documentation of Civil War-Era Second Fort, Fort Union National Monument (Report)


McDermid, Greg, Crown of the Continent Ecological Indicators-Trend Analysis (Report)


Janke, Jason, Citizen Science from the Top - student research in the Tundra (Report)