2014 Projects - NPS


Berger, Joel, Trans-Beringia Muskoxen — Creation of Ecological Baselines in an Era of Arctic Warming (Report)

Burchfield, JamesAdministrative Assistance for the NPS RM-CESU (Report)

Burchfield, James, and Gerloff, Lisa, Assessment of Salt Lick Influence on Bighorn Sheep Habitat Use (Report, Poster)

Burchfield, James and Gerloff, LisaJerry O’Neal National Park Service Student Fellowship Program 

Reports from 2014 Fellowship Awardees:
Wesley Sarmento, M.Sc. Candidate – Wildlife Biology, University of Montana: Parks, People, and Prey: Direct and Indirect Effects on Mountain Goat Ecology in Glacier National Park (Video; Thesis)

Sarah Moody, M.A. Candidate – Environmental Studies, University of Montana: Communicating to the Public:  Climate Change in Glacier National Park (BriefPortfolio)

Condon, Phil, Science Communication Internship at the Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center, Glacier National Park, Summer 2014 (Report)

Duffield, John, America The Beautiful Interagency Pass Study (Report)

Larson, Andrew, Post Rim Fire assessment of fuel consumption and mortality in the Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot (Report)

Luikart, GordonUse of Lake Trout Genetics to Monitor and Enhance Success of Suppression on Yellowstone Lake (Report)

MacDonald, DouglasComplete Multiple Property Document and Determinations of Eligibility for Mission 66 Resources in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

MacDonald, Douglas, Yellowstone Archeological Megatransect Archeological Project (YUMAP) (Report)

Nickerson, Norma, An Examination of Yellowstone National Park’s Visitor Segments and a Predictive Analysis of National Park Support (Report)

Rice, Peter, Adapt Northern Rocky Mountains Invasive Plant Management Plan Environmental Assessment to Little Bighorn Battlefield NM (Report)

Riddering, Jim, Implementing the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network to Facilitate Fire Science Communication: Western Montana Node (Report)


Aig, Dennis, Production of Introductory Educational Video for SCBL Visitor Center (Report)

Amende, Kevin, Sustainable Operations and Facility Adaption, Yellowstone National (Report)

Guy, Christopher, Evaluation of Methods to Induce Mortality in Lake Trout Embryos (Report)

Litt, Andrea, Analyze a 15-year bat monitoring program (Report)

McMahon, Thomas, Develop Strategies to Conserve Cutthroat Trout by Documenting Life History Patterns and Population Genetic Structure in the Lamar River Watershed (Report)

McWethy, DavidImplementing the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network to Facilitate Fire Science Communication: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Node (Report)

Olsen, Bret, Promote Preservation of Resources through Monitoring at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS (2012 Report; Plant Species PPT; Bird Species PPT)

Sigler, Adam, Modification to Water Resource Monitoring Bighorn Canyon NRA (Report)

Sigler, Adam, Water Resource Monitoring – Greater Yellowstone Network Parks (Report)

Smith, DianePreserve and Document the History of the 1988 Fires through the Collection and Transcription of Oral Histories (Report)

Whitlock, Kathy, Provide Technical Assistance to the Great Northern LCC (Report)


Camp, Stacey, 2013-2014 NPS Archeology Program Webinar Series (Report)

Morgan, Penepole, Implementing the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network to Facilitate Fire Science Communication: Idaho Node (Report)

Vierling, Kerri, Small Mammal Inventory and Species Assessment Project for the Weippe Prairie Site, Nez Perce National Historical Park (Report)

Wilson, PatrickLinking Park Research to the General Public through Effective Science Communication (Report)


Caffrey, MariaProviding Sea Level Change and Storm Surge Projections for All Coastal Parks  (Report)

Carpenter, Kristen, NPS, Intermountain Region Treaty Research Project (Phase 1) (Report)

Kociolek, John PatrickDiatoms of Rocky Mountain National Park; biodiversity and bioassessment with a focus on the diatom genus Nitzschia; do diatom based indicators of water quality exist in Rocky Mountain National Park? (Report)

Lekson, Stephen,  Chaco Landscapes Conferences (Report)

Lekson, Stephen, Planning Meeting for “Advance Seminar to Identify, Define, and Characterize the Chaco Landscape and World Heritage Values (Report)

Luiszer, Fred, Evaluations of Potential National Natural Landmark (NNL) Sites (Report)

McCain, Christy, Improving our understanding of the elevational biodiversity gradient of Rocky Mountain National Park: arthropod diversity and conservation (Report)

Pitlick, John, Geomorphic Response of Roaring River and Fall River to the September 2013 Flood (Report)

Veblen,Thomas and Naficy Cameron, Extent and Contributing Factors of Delayed Post-Fire Mortality in Glacier National Park (Report)


Frisk, Deserae, Teacher Ranger Teacher Program (Report)

Nemeth, Jeremy, Intermountain Region Geographic Resources Division (GRD) GIS Internship (Report)

Noel, Tom, Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program Internship (Report)

Ruppert, David, Traditional Cultural Property (TCP) Nomination for Rainbow Bridge National Monument (Report)

Thomas, Deb, NPS Air Resources Information and Outreach Assistance (Report)


Alexander, Ruth, Scotts Bluff In-Depth Historical Research & Documentation (Report)

Azimi-Sadjadi, MahmoodDevelopment and Testing of Instrumentation and Software for Acoustical Monitoring (Report)

Bailey, Larissa, A structured decision making approach to develop recovery objectives for endangered amphibian species (Report)

Barborak, Jim, Innovative Partnerships for Managing Tourism and Recreation in World Heritage Sites and Other Protected Areas (Report)

Bend, Ron, Develop Videos about Fish Consumption and Natural Resource Topics (Report)

Bowser, Gillian, Golden Gate BioBlitz (Report)

Bowser, Gillian, The Rocky Mountain Sustainability and Science Network (RMSSN), the NPS, and the National Geographic Society will sponsor the Hawaii Volcanos Bioblitz and Diversity interns (Report)

Brown, Cynthia, Western National Parks Federal Highways Vegetation Monitoring (Report)

Champ, JospehWhite-Nose Syndrome in Bats Outreach Communication Plan (Report)

Collet, Jr., Jeffrey, Analysis of findings from Bakken Air Quality Stdy and the Front Range Air Pollution and Photochemistry Experiment (FRAPPE) amd Reactive Nitrogen Depostion Monitoring in Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Cooper, DavidRestoration of riparian willows in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (Report)

Cooper, David, Wetland Ecological Integrity Monitoring in Glacier National Park (Report)

Cooper, DavidConnect Visitors to the Historic Landscape through Restoration of the Core Battlefield at Palo Alto Battlefield NHP (Report)

Cooper, David, Develop a Restoration Plan for Cahoon Meadow, Sequoia National Park, CA (Report)

Cooper, David, Impacts to Vegetation Communities Following Cessation of Irrigation within the Medano Ranch Area of Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve (Report)

Cooper, David, Remove Final Levee Segment to Complete Restoration of Wetland-Riparian Habitat along Lower Glorieta Creek, Pecos National Historical Park (Report)

Cooper, David and Rathburn, Sara, Restoration Design and Plans for Lulu Creek, Colorado River valley, and Lulu City Wetland Complex, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (Report)

Denning, Scott, Engage Partners to Delivre the "Rsponding to Climate Change" Stream of the World Parks Congress (Report)

Hand, Jenny, Assistance for Visibility Data Analysis and Image Display Techniques (Report)

Hand, Jenny, Engaging and Training Citizens in Steward of Night Skies (Report)

Hannah, Judith, Inventorying and Monitoring Natural Resources Status and Trends in the National Park System – Geologic Resources Evaluation (Report)

Hobbs, N. Thompson, Developing Methods to Understand Elk Movements and Abundance on Winter Range in Rocky Mountain National Park) (Report)

Hobbs,N. ThompsonForecasting in Support of Adaptive Management of the Rocky Mountain National Park Elk Herd (Report)

Jonas-Bratten, Jayne, Vegetation Monitoring and Data Analysis (Report)

Laituri, Melinda, Digital Asset Management, Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems, and Mobile Mapping Research and Development for the NPS RISD Program (Report)

Laituri, Melinda, IMR Geographic Resources Division GIS Project Support (Report)

Laituri, Melinda, Sea Level Monitoring and Geographic Information Systems Research and Development for the NPS (Report)

Laituri, Melinda, Water Rights Activity Assessment, and Water Rights Records Research and Management in Protection of Water and Aquatic Resources of Units of the National Park System (Report)

Laituri, Melinda, Web Mapping Research and Development for the NPS (Report)

Meiman, PaulBiological Resource Management in National Parks – Invasive Species Management in National Parks and Beyond - Information Management and Delivery (Report)

Newman, Greg, Development of Citizen Science programs and materials (Report)

Ore, Janet, Catalog and Preserve Collections from Yellowstone National Park’s Backlog (Report)

Ore, Janet, FY14 Museum Management Program Intern (Report)

Ore, Janet, Evaluation of Cultural Landscape Management Needs for McGraw Ranch, Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Ore, Janet, Historic Furnishing Report of the Apollo Mission Control Center, Houston, TX (Report)

Ore, JanetOak Creek Historic District National Register Nomination Form Amendment (Report)

Rathburn , Sara, Assessing the Annual Sediment Budget on a Reach of the Toklat River, Denali National Park, AK (Report)

Rathburn , Sara, Upland Processes and Controls on September 2013 Mass Movements, Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

James Self, Rocky Mountain Network Soil Monitoring Project (Report)

Sibold, JasonUsing recent wildfires to identify the role of fire in tree species migration in the context of climate change (Report)

Spraker, Terry, Scientific Investigation of Wildlife Disease Outbreaks (Report)

Stevens, Joe, Integrated Alpine Monitoring among Parks and Networks as Part of the Global Research Initiative in Alpine Environments (GlORIA) Networks (Report)

Warnock, Andrew, Develop communications materials for natural resource topics, management activities, and issues (Report)

Warnock, Andrew, Water Education Teacher Workshop (Report)

Wittemyer, George, Sensory Ecology and the Effects of Noise and Light Pollution on Wildlife (Report)

Zimmerman, DonaldProvide guidance and technical support to the Natural Resource Stewardship and Science Directorate (Report)


Bendremer, Jeff, Flathead Headwaters Ethnographic Resources Review and Assessment, Phase II (Report)

Leighton, Adrian, Summer 2015 Restoration Intern at Glacier National Park (Report)


Finley, Chris, Bad Pass Trail Ethnographic Research/Fieldwork & Revised National Register Nomination (Report)

Finley, Chris, 2014 Crow and Northern Cheyenne Tribal Field School Program (Report)


Brunson, Mark, Developing and Integrating Landscape-Scale Context into Natural Resource Condition Assessments (NRCAs) and Preparing NRCA Reports for Intermountain Region Parks (Report)

Finely, Judson, Dendroclimate Analysis for Dinosaur National Monument (Report)

Finely, Judson, Digital Archeology Assistance to Dinosaur National Monument (Report)

Lutz, Jim, Do managed wildfires and prescribed fires conserve critical habitat structure for Pacific fishers? (Report)

MacNulty, Daniel, Elk Sightability at Yellowstone NP (Report)

Monz, Christopher, An Assessment of informal trails and visitor created sites in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (Report)


Goldberg, Caren, Preliminary evaluation of environmental DNA for monitoring amphibians in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Le, Lena, Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park- Visitor Survey (Report)

Le, Lena, Fort Monroe National Monument Visitor Survey (Report)

Le, Lena, George Washington Carver National Monument- Demographic study (Report)

Le, Lena, Katmai National Park- Visitor Survey (Report)

Oppegaard, Brett, Create Old Faithful Mobile App (Report)


Bergman, Harold, UWNPS Research Center Support, 2014-15 (Report)

Gerrow, Ken, Biostatistics Support for NPS Fire Ecology Program (Report)

Harrington, Patrick, YPP - South District Bighorn Canyon NRA Trail and Amphitheater  Improvements/ Restore Hillsboro Historic Orchard (Report)

Keinath, DouglasDevelopment and Testing of a Bat Monitoring Plan including WNS detection (Report)

Korfanta, Nicole & Beauvais, Gary, Natural Resource Condition Assessments:  Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, Scotts Bluff National Monument, and Badlands National Park (Report)

Peterson, Marcia, Archeological inventory and National Register testing on South Side Capitol Hil(Report)

Peterson, Marcia, Complete Multiple Property Document and Determinations of Eligibility for Backcountry Trails in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Peterson, Marcia, National Register Nomination for the Northeast Entrance Road, Yellowstone National Park, Montana and Wyoming (Report)

Schmidt, Larry, Digital Herbariums for Bighorn Canyon NRA, Fort Union Trading Post NHS, Knife River Indian Villages NHS and Theodore Roosevelt NP (Report)

Smutko, Steve, GYCC Public Meeting Planning (Report)

Tronstadt, LushaTravel Expenses for 2014 Aquatic Invertebrate Monitoring at Agate Fossil Beds National Monument (Report)

Tronstadt, Lusha2015 Aquatic Invertebrate Monitoring at Agate Fossil Beds National Monument (Report)


McDermid, GregCrown of the Continent Ecological Indicators-Trend Analysis (Report)


McNeally, Pheobe, Continued Development of National Trails Intermountain Region Geographic Information System (Report)


Roberts, Shannon, High Priority Wildlife Conservation Projects (Reports)